PieceBert and Harry Piel
ConditionC - 7
Description11.5" vinyl
CompanyPiel Bros. Brewing Company

Hey Bert! . . . Hey Harry!

Although they only sold their product in New York City and the surrounding hundred or so miles, Bert and Harry Piel became national celebrities in the 1950s. The softspoken, tall, thin Harry, and the outgoing, loud and forceful Bert were played by comedians Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding on radio and TV. Their spots became so popular that local TV listings would let people know what time their commercials would be on the air! The gag was that Bert was constantly coming up with wild advertising schemes, while Harry concentrated on making the beer even better. At least they were united in how much they enjoyed their favorite brew!

When the characters were retired in 1960, New Yorkers protested so much that Piel's brought them back for a curtain call that lasted several more years.

Here, Bert and Harry are standing on a store display, and Bert's telling Harry, "You can't beat the taste of Piels Real Draft." This plastic figure is a bank.

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