PieceVlasic Stork
ConditionC - 10
Description23" plush
CompanyVlasic Pickles

Most storks are known for delivering bouncing bundles of joy. . . This stork delivers crunchy pickles!

The Vlasic company says that the idea for a Stork for their advertising character came about in the late 1960's when they launched their first television advertising campaign. Common folklore of the time held that pregnant women craved pickles, so Vlasic marketed themselves as "the pickle pregnant women crave . . . after all, who's a better pickle expert?" This made the product unique and memorable. Later, during the 70's, when women were entering the workforce in force, the Vlasic stork's commercials had the theme: "With the birth rate down, I deliver Vlasic pickles instead." In 1978, Vlasic Foods merged with the Campbell Soup company.

This wonderful plush figure is 23 inches tall and was offered in 1990. He is fuzzy and white, with a big red bow tie and a blue conductor-style hat with the Vlasic logo on it. He also has a pair of tiny white spectacles in his long orange beak.

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