Advertising Icon Museum


On the surface, the Advertising Icon Museum may just seem like a place that has a lot of interesting icons and memorabilia from days gone by. However, there is more to the museum than meets the eye…

What drives the museum is an educational mission that was embraced from the very beginning:

The Advertising Icon Museum will offer world-class learning experiences that inspire, inform and entertain audiences, enabling them to appreciate advertising as a rich, vibrant and dynamic part of their everyday lives. Visitors will discover how an icon reinforces the branding element of a product.

In carrying out this mission, the museum has three key goals:

  • Become an educational center for the region by offering meaningful learning experiences for people of all ages
  • Serve as a national resource center for advertising icons through its website
  • Be recognized as a world-class venue and destination

What does this mean to visitors and to those in the community? The museum will provide unique programs for visitors of all ages that engage them in fun, hands-on experiences that stimulate creativity, conversation and connections.

  • School Programming
  • Professional Development for Educators
  • Creative Workshops for Families
  • Museum Tours
  • Discovery Sessions
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Corporate Teambuilding
  • Interactive Games
  • Comprehensive Website

All of this really means one thing: There’s something here for everyone.

When the museum opens, we will offer four Discovery Sessions for school groups, families and general visitors. Discovery Sessions are workshop-type experiences facilitated by museum educators and will engage participants in a fun, hands-on way to explore the museum’s content, themes and artifacts. The school group Discovery Sessions will have classroom activities to extend the experience beyond the museum visit. In all Discovery Sessions, participants (of all ages) will learn a little more about advertising icons and product branding and will then put their creativity to work to making personal and amusing advertising-related products.

The Discovery Sessions are being developed by Experience Design Innovation Group LLC (EDI), an experience design firm in Kansas City. EDI has worked with clients such as The College Basketball Experience, American Century Investments, Kansas City Chiefs Football Club, and the National Association of Basketball Coaches Foundation to develop experience master plans and learning programs.

For more information about the Advertising Icon Museum’s educational programs, please .